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StretchLab Wheaton Fitness and Recreation

39 Danada Square East
Wheaton, IL 60189
(630) 480-4591
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We are located in Danada Square East a few doors down from Whole Foods.

about us

StretchLab Wheaton is revolutionizing one-on-one assisted stretching and flexibility training! A regular stretching routine has many amazing benefits for all ages and fitness levels. There's no one reason why people find themselves at StretchLab. Some clients are looking to improve their sports performance, some are looking to decrease joint pain and others simply just want a great stretch. No matter what brings you into StretchLab – the benefits of a professional assisted stretching routine are tremendous. StretchLab provides one-on-one, customized assisted stretching sessions. The stretches are given on our custom designed benches by Flexologists who will customize your stretch to your needs and talk you through your stretches. Our Flexologists employ a “push & release” type of stretching (technically “proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching”, or PNF) where you will be resisting a bit at times during the stretch and then releasing, resulting in a more effective stretch. Some benefits include increased range of motion and flexibility, reduce stress, muscle and joint pain, improve sports performance, improve relaxation, and improve posture! Follow us on social media to hear about our complimentary demo stretch events and come by to speak to us!